Mariela Maya


Join me on a magical trip to Cordoba, Argentina where I will share some of the  powerful places and loving guides with whom I was personally initiated two decades ago. You will have the opportunity to experience the ancient wisdom and energy of Pachamama, Mother Nature, as we work with all our energy centers to connect with life on a deeper level!


After consciously working with energy in the vortexes, and experiencing body renewal, mind clarity, heart connection and soul expansion by clearing and activating our chakras, we will take time to integrate experiences on all levels so we can return to our “regular” lives fully aligned, recharged and empowered.


The area surrounding Capilla del Monte, located in the Province of Córdoba amongst the Sierras Chicas, is known for its sacred mountain Uritorco, UFO sightings, condors and the hidden city of ERKS, said to be a portal to other dimensions.


Villa General Belgrano and Santa Rosa de Calamuchita are located 100 miles south of Capilla del Monte in an alpine area that provides excellent outdoor activities in a laid-back atmosphere influenced by German, Swiss and Austrian heritage.


All activities are specifically designed to explore, clear and activate one of our main energy centers and includes:

  • Deepening your connection with Nature
  • Hiking in beautiful and energetic places
  • Experiencing energy vortexes
  • Shamanic work and alignment of the Chakras
  • Visiting with Condors
  • And many surprises!

Interested to travel with us to Cordoba, Argentina?

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