Mariela Maya


Explore and enjoy the great vibes of a unique cosmopolitan city. I will take you to my favorite places so you can truly experience life as a local and mingle with the Porteños, as Buenos Aires is home to many friendly, curious and engaging people that have a strong sense of community and love for life.


Experience a big city and connect with the urban life style from a very different place. The Buenos Aires itinerary is generally an add-on weekend to both the Cordoba and Jujuy trips.


Buenos Aires is a melting pot of people, cultures, architecture, restaurants, markets, shops and nightlife that is open 25 hours a day!  It is truly an unforgettable place that reflects creativity, art and culture like no other big city in the world.


The majority of time is dedicated to exploring the city of Buenos Aires and its marvelous outdoor handcrafts markets, which is a great way to get acquainted with the different neighborhoods (Recoleta/La Boca/San Telmo) and the urban, artistic and creative styles and flavors!


In addition, some may want to learn how to dance tango in a traditional milonga and others may want to go shopping or simply hang out in one of the fabulous plazas.

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